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A Republicans Viewpoint


Just Getting Started
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  • Jobs
  • Medicare / ObamaCare

Just Getting Started ~ Researching Links from a list I found On Line

Gun Control
Net Neutrality
Mandated Health Insurance
Legal Abortion
Stem Cell Research
Gay Marriage/Unions
Don't Ask Don't Tell
Affirmative Action
Death Penalty
Hate Crime distinction
Ex-Con Rehabilitation
Gender Equal Pay
War on Drugs
Legal Marijuana
School Vouchers
Alternative Schools
No Child Left Behind
War on Terror
Trade with China
Free Trade Agreements
US Support for Israel
Libyan No-Fly Zone
Stimulus Spending
Fossil Fuel Subsidies
Green Energy Subsidies
Green Regulation Generally
Tax Cuts Generally
Gas Taxes
Internet Sales Tax
Income/Payroll Tax Cuts
Corporate Taxes
Corporate Bailouts
Higher Minimum Wage
Social Security Cost Cuts
Weflare Programs Generally
Campaign Finance Limits
Require ID to Vote
Official Language: English
Amnesty for Illegals
Border Fence/Wall
Creationism in Schools
Federal Reserve Illegal
USA Complicit in 9/11
Obama Birth Doubt
Osama Death Doubt
Confederate Sympathies
Belief in ETs in UFOs

 Tea Party Sites (Links):